Sting trailer for Faultine 49 TV series, in early development.

We’ve been asked by David’s family to terminate all accounts related to his work. Respecting them and their wishes, this will be the last post.

David Danson has brought disparities in the narrative of the North American conflict to light, and for that suffered what we can only construe to be the last in a long series of suppressive manoeuvrings. Faultline 49 stands as his record, and perhaps his defense.

We remember him for his journalistic integrity and his tenure at The Network

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Ian Card and J MacKinnon

Guy Faux Books, Toronto

Obama is Bush Blue


Historical Alberta floods: High River, 1942; Edmonton, 1915; Canmore, 1900; Slave Lake, 1930; Calgary, 1930; Lethbridge, 1902

blast from the past. Operation Pegasus Strike.

Canada Day image dump

Calgary, Baby

Calgary, Baby

Do your part, Canuck!

Do your part, Canuck!